Participative fashion design / art installation

Danielle-Process1-ReducedPhoto: Sophie Cabot, 2018

This installation is about neomania in fashion. Neomania is the passion for novelty. It is not a problem by itself, but it generates over-consumerism and overproduction problems. We are facing an important environmental issue with the millions of tonnes of textile waste that are landfilled or incinerated every year. The intention of the fashion designer and artist is to bring awareness to this situation.

2D of the exhibit


An invitation from fashion designer and artist Danielle Martin,

at Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD-U,
100 McLoad Street, Toronto
on Friday, July 13th 2018.

“The paradox of this pure becoming, with its capacity to elude the present, is the paradox of infinite identity (the infinite identity of both directions or senses at the same time – of future and past, of the day before and the day after […])” (Deleuze, 1969). 

I invite you to participate in this artwork by draping a fabric square on the atlasDress, echoing neomania in fashion. Participation in this artwork in progress is a means to transmit the emotion of the anticipated nostalgia that drives my work.

Using material leftovers, the atlasDress is a creation made of draped silk squares on a dress form centred in this installation. A scale model (1:10) of the installation is available to touch and to familiarize visitors with the space and the presented objects.